The Red Heads "Silver" Pins

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The Red Heads “Silver” Pins

A donation? A contribution? No, just cute pins! :)

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To start this section, we first need to explain why we have decided to create these RH pins.

For a long time now, many of you have been asking us if we were going to offer the opportunity to other fans of becoming MEMBERS of the group through a contribution or a membership card. Of course, following the creation of “The Red Heads” non-profit organization - which gave the group an official status - we thought of creating membership cards and setting up a donation system.

But this idea of asking The Red Heads to pay for a card each year while our activity, as you know it, depends solely on Céline, and without offering any real «services» to the fans, quickly made us re-think the equation. Why act like everyone else when we managed to keep up our singularity from the beginning?!

So here's our suggestion: The Red Heads have become a specialist in organizing Céline related events. Each year, we try to innovate by offering new projects that excite fans’ curiosity and could make a difference in Céline's life. Of course, we need to finance these projects that are becoming more and more ambitious.  Therefore we have decided to propose to The Red Heads who wish to support our activity to purchase “golden”, "silver" or “bronze” (or the 3 of them!) RH pins, depending on their resources.

The money gathered thanks to these collectibles allow us to contribute to the financing of new Red Heads events, just like all the other Red Heads products sold in our online store. We hope you will join and support this innovative system.